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Tilsoft is web based multiplatform ERP system, which contains the full packet of applications needed for the properly work of your business. The logically connected modules cover the full spectrum of processes in your company – from the process of production, through the transportation, accounting, managing in the warehouse of your products to the client. Tilsoft is designed and created to allow you to easily add new logical modules, that depend on your way of work and the business processes in your company.

Tilsoft has own web service that communicate with API, API communicates with Database. This means that Tilsoft can communicate with any kind of business software – accounting software, bank software or any other kind of business software, already integrated in your company via web service requests. In our Frontend is our website design, which can be changed according customer needs. This is most flexible software solutions, because our API have all the information in the Database and other web services can expose those information depending of its access level. If you have your own Warehouse we can add custom web service for you, that expose our API and gives to your Warehouse all workflow and business processes that the Warehouse is using.

Tilsoft v1 is an online ERP system, which can be used on any kind of device. (Desktop, tablet, smartphone etc.) This incredibly flexible solution will manage the business process from anywhere you like. Tilsoft is developed regarding the last programming trends. Tilsoft will make everything more secure, easier to use, faster and more reliable.

The interface of our system is easy and user friendly. The access to information is separated in different levels, which can be managed from the super users. Tilsoft doesn’t need to be installed on a server or another device – you just have to enter the URL address in any browser and to login with username and password. This makes possible the use of Tilsoft on desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. You can be informed about everthing that happens in your company 24/7 from any part of the world with internet connection. You have the full control on your business under your fingers.

Tilsoft v1 consists of multiple modules which are linked to each other in order to be easy to upgrade and add new modules, regarding to the need of the customer. This makes Tilsoft v1 very extensible. Process automation prevents human errors, which notably saves time, money and lost profits.

Tilsoft v1 can be modified to a full 100% to the needs of the customer. There are no limits for the possibilities and innovations regarding new options, features or integrations with your current software or databases - no matter of which kind - accounting, bank or another kind of software or platform with possibilities to be connected with external system like Tilsoft.