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Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce systems on the market at the moment. It is extremely flexible and powerful for your online store.

Our service includes developing and the full spectrum of support for modifications, creating modules, design implementation, redesign for desktop and mobile versions.

Nowadays, everything happens online! A good structured webshop, created to ease the customers is one of the most important factors for its success, therefore our goal is not just to create a webshop which is working really well, but web shops who also sell really good!

Sales booster - Discount modules, daily offers, e-mail marketing, integrations with social medias, using of Google tools for better SEO optimization, and more tools, techniques and ideas to increase your online sales!

Detailed statistics will help you to track your sales by periods, categories, products and to track the trends. You will not only get the results, but you will be able to take the right managing decisions.

Multistore – We can develop separated webshops when one webshop no longer is enough. The webshops can be managed from one place. It doesn’t matter if you are offering different products or if they are dedicated to different markets!

Mobile version – Nowadays a random website is not sufficient. These days you need a website which is suitable on a desktop, tablet, smart phone etc. Therefore we have a good attention to all your visitors and we will make sure that your website will work on every device.

Conversion rate optimization – We can build your website in a way you will sell more products. We make a difference from selling to 1 person on every 100 visitors up to 3 persons on every 100 visitors. Because we know how to make an easy and friendly web environment in order to get your visitors to buy!

SEO - The best way for visitors to find you, is on Google and we can help you to get ranked better. First we will make a full audit of your website, including all on-page and off-page factors which Google uses to rank your site on 1st position, and then we will implement them.