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Benefits of Tilsoft v1

  • Tilsoft is API - Tilsoft can connect with another systems by POST and GET queries, on this way Tilsoft can be connected with banks, corporate software, warehouse systems, accounting software, etc.
  • Tilsoft use centralized Database - Tilsoft use centralized database – all changes are saved in the moment of their change. The database can be placed on cloud server or on phisycal server – by choice of the client.
  • Simple and User friendly - Tilsoft has easy and user friendly interface, separated in different categories and modules. There are a possibility to add additional modules up to the needs of the client.
  • Logical structure - Logical connected modules – the connected one to each other modules help to the correct input of data in the system. Because of their connectivity the risk of human mistake is avoided.
  • Multi-device system - Tilsoft can be accessed by any kind of device - Desktop computer, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.
  • Easy for management - Tilsoft us simple and clean user friendly interface - you will find only what you need.
  • Cost effective - Tilsoft offer you a very competitive price, compared with similar CRM systems.